Love to travel

Travelling the world is an item I grew fond of after doing a world trip for 14 months with my girlfriend.

Creating stuff

Whether it’s with my hands, through food or on my computer I don’t like to sit still.

Gadgets and the world wide web

Crazy about gadgets and reading about them or using them. Always online to look for new items to discover or to learn from.

Be unique

Try to be yourself in an unique way. Discover the world and it’s people and translate the things U learn to your own personality.

photography and capturing video

Always been a fan of taking photos and just started of with adding video to that list.

Learn the web

I started out making websites and discovering the web out of curiosity and I’m still working to fullfill that.

Building the web one project at a time

While I’m learning myself to develop for the web I came across tons of information and technique’s to choose from. At the moment I’m ¬†using HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript. The systems I currently work with are WordPress, Joomla and Magento and I hope to learn a lot more about each of them.

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